Family trekking. Routes in Tenerife to do with children

Trekking in Tenerife is one of the most popular activities on the island. Doing this with children is one of the best ways to bring them closer to nature.

Tenerife is more than just a beach, the great variety of trails and routes that it has, invite you to enjoy them.

We know that leaving our facilities is sometimes complicated, but we propose some routes where the great protagonists (the little ones), will enjoy a unique experience.


Family hiking in nature

Circular around the hills of Tacoronte

This trail is ideal to do with the little ones in the house. The route is circular of about 6 km, which makes it easier to access and return.

It has very little unevenness and almost all of it, runs through several dirt tracks very comfortable to walk on. It crosses the mountains of Tacoronte and a small section of El Sauzal, where ferns and Canary Island pine are abundant.

The tour starts at the beginning of the Herradura trail, in La Esperanza (GR 131).


Senses Trail in the Anaga rural park

From Cruz del Carmen there are 3 routes known as: The Senses Trail that runs through an ancient royal road that linked the villages of Anaga with the city of La Laguna.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to enjoy nature with children: all propose different experiences through smell, sight and touch, with which to discover different elements of the environment

There’s nothing like learning by enjoying!

Its low difficulty and its total distance, which does not reach 1.5 km, make it accessible to all ages.


Circular Water Route

This circular route is a variant of the PR-TF35 Mamio-Pinolere. It starts at the Mamio forest track, about 2Km from the La Caldera Recreational Area (La Orotava T.M.).

The trail runs through old constructions for the extraction and canalization of water. On the way, we will meet La Casa del Agua, an infrastructure where water was distributed among different owners.

It´s a very low difficulty route, It has a distance of almost 2 km, which can be done in about 2 hours.

Enjoy everything Tenerife has to show you!

Enjoy the eternal spring.

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